In the past, horticulture has been dominated by metal halide, high-pressure sodium lighting, plasma lighting or florescent lighting. These methods dominated the industry because of their immense power and intensity produced from the spectrum sensitive lighting applications. With all these lighting sources, each lacked the longevity and spectrum quality that High Power 4S was searching for. LED and various other lighting technologies have lacked the power output to compete with HID lighting until a private company called Alta LED (Pomona, California) created its first full spectrum chip true replacement to HID lighting. This chip reached 100% CRI with the intensity to back it.

The standard HID lighting requires you to use two different spectrums of bulbs: metal halide used for vegetative state and high- pressure sodium used when flowering your plants. HP4S- 300 provides a full spectrum balance for both vegetative and flowering stages of your plant cycle. Plants can be harvested from start to finish under one light, saving you time and money. On the other hand, HID lighting can be a hassle for new growers and even worse for commercial growers dealing with the abundance of the heat created by conventional lighting which causes an increase in cooling and infrastructure cost. HP4S runs cool to the touch in a true solid-state form utilizing no heavy duty or noisy fans. Even with a failure of this internal cooling fan, HP4S fixtures are built to last with our solid state fixture and low cooling needs produced by Alta LEDs. We have developed the perfect thermal properties to ensure superior cooling and longevity. HID is its own worst enemy when it comes to longevity. HID heat output greatly affects the light output from day one of use, as it starts breaking down the lamp and more importantly the spectrum that your plant will thrive from and utilize. HP4S understands the importance of performance and how it affects the longevity with performance levels in check guaranteeing thermal properties of our light engine. We are able to ensure and guarantee our products longevity and quality for years to come.


HP4S found that your typical LED company had been using combinations of high red, blue, green, and white LEDs to create the desired spectrum and intensity. The second common way to produce an LED engine with desired spectrum is using a blue die with a phosphors coating. Alta LED with their patented technology created light from an organic raw material never used before and with their high intensity discharge chips created a viable replacement for applications requiring full spectrum lighting. Commonly, you see LED manufactures that pulse modulate their chips on and off (at a high rate that the human eye can’t see) to better help cool their LED’s because the thermal properties are not that of Alta LED. Pulse modulation can affect the output and throw of the light, forcing typical LED companies to use optics, lenses, and reflectors to concentrate light output. Alta LED with its proprietary technology is able to recreate the desired spectrum without pulse modulation, or the use of secondary optics, lenses or reflectors while maintaining thermal output sufficient for longevity and performance. Therefore, we found that Alta LED had not only created light, but could package there diode technologies in a robust form allowing for a superior product performance and practical for HP4S applications.

Veg light

  • The veg light maximizes crop yields with enhanced vegetative spectrum, still a full spectrum light source, with added intensity for vegetative lighting.
  • HP4S vegetative light allows for applications where only light is required and the enhanced growth is needed before flowering.
  • Vegetative cycle uses light from the blue side of the spectrum promoting closer branching or nodes and improved branch and leaf thickness producing stronger and healthier plants.
  • HP4S vegetative lights are perfect for growers that keep mother plants to produce strong healthy clones yet while maintaining their mother plants.
  • The veg light obtains optimal efficiency from HP4S lighting through energy and thermal savings better helping control grow environments and improve crop yields.

Grow light

  • From start to finish, crop production are under a single light with desired spectrum for both vegetative and flowering production.
  • There is higher output in the desired wavelength, boosting production within the plant while minimizing wasted output energy.
  • The grow light utilizes full spectrum lighting indoor. We are able to recreate outdoor grow conditions providing healthier alternatives for plant growth, giving your plant a much better spectrum to absorb the necessary light thatis needed.
  • Alta LED full spectrum chips with patented technology allow for optimal growth through intensity and performance outputs. Each and every single watt diode produces the full spectrum and intensity to provide even light throw and desired intensity.
  • The veg light obtains optimal efficiency from HP4S lighting through energy and thermal savings better helping control grow environments and improve crop yields.

Sun Spectrum Comparison HP4S

Plant Spectrum Graphs

Explanation of Light Measurement

Lux and lumen are photometric units, in that different wavelengths of light are weighted by the eye’s response to them. This makes them an inappropriate measure of the lighting level in horticultural lighting. Lighting intensity for horticulture use should be measured only by a spectroradiometer to get the true value of intensity from your spectrum of light.

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