How does HP4S reduce operating cost?

  • Through high output Alta chips, HP4S technology runs 70% cooler then traditional lighting sources, allowing for less cooling infrastructure and better thermal management of your grow space
  • The LED’s are user friendly and are hands free maintenance
  • The longevity of Alta high output chips ensures consistent long lasting spectrum and intensity that ensures high yields and enhanced crop production
  • Lower power consumption from HP4S lighting requiring less power infrastructure accounting for huge savings in time and cost efficiency of your electricity usage

Will HP4S lights work in both stages of growth?

  • Yes, Alta full spectrum grow chips allow for both vegetative and flowering stages of growth
  • Alta vegetative spectrum chips allow enhanced growth throughout vegetative cycle which improves flowering results

How long will HP4S last?

  • High Power 4S fixtures have a 5-year guarantee from Alta LED who provides the driver as well as the high power chips we use. We go 7-8 years if not longer depending on daily usage.
  • Fixture construction is built ridged and everlasting with strong materials and top quality craftsmanship

Where is HP4S made?

From start to finish, Alta LED products are made in the United States of America.

How does HP4S differ from conventional lighting?

We utilize patented technology that differs from typical light sources. Alta high power chips produce the strongest radiation levels over your standard LEDs on the market today producing stronger bigger yields.

Plug and play?

  • Yes, our fixtures are true plug and play, with no adjustability, regulator and simple on off switch for user convenience
  •  The fixture has a 15ft cord for added ease of installation

This is the CRI or color render index. This meter tells you what type of light waves or part of the “light spectrum” your light source projects.

What is a Spectroradiometer??

Spectroradiometers are instruments designed to measure the spectral power distribution of a light source. From the spectral power distribution, the radiometric, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of light can be determined in order to measure, characterize, and calibrate light sources for various applications.

What is a PAR meter?

PAR stands for “photosynthetically active radiation”, (PAR) designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis.

What do your plants need to thrive?

Your plants absorb light waves from Alta LED full spectrum technology providing vital light spectrum plants need. With performance, Alta LED provides the technology to produce high power discharge chips capable of enhanced crop production. With longevity, HP4S designs superior product backed by rigorous testing ensuring long lasting quality product, producing consistent crop yields.

How far from the canopy does HP4S position their lights?

Depending on the number of lights and desired intensity this can differ from each application. Your sales consultant will guide you through this process to implement what would be the best scenario for your situation.

Why is full spectrum important?

Plants in both stages of growth require light waves from both sides of the spectrum. This gives your plants full spectrum light allowing maximum growth and crop yields.

How do you replace the driver?

The driver is internally mounted. Therefore, in the unlikely event it needs to be replaced, you would simply send the fixture to our factory for replacement.

How do you replace the chip, if needed?

The chips are externally mounted to the fixture so the end-user can simply and easily replace and swap if needed.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 5-year warranty with all HP4S products

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