Corporate Facts

  • Alta has a patented die level technology. There are only 6 other companies in the WORLD that have dabbled in this level of futuristic technology.
  • Alta is the only privately held die making company in the world
  • Alta’s die technology is made in America
  • The founding partners of Alta have over 63 years of lighting industry experience

Technology Facts

  • Between the years 2004-2008, Alta die technology has been proven to be the best performing die by Caltech, UNLV Lighting Research Laboratories, and the Purdue Lighting Research Laboratories
  • The Alta die characteristics are different than the other 6 die making companies because the Alta die making process is more extensive resulting in better performance
  • Alta die IP confirms that our technology is 20% better than any other competitor, 20% less heat while producing 20% more lumens per watt
  • Because of our process, Alta die technology has the tightest binning forward voltage in the world. All Alta dies are binned within .1 of a volt variance. The blue wavelengths are very consistent, performing with no color shift. To explain, “binning”: Binning is essential for most if not all LED applications. For example, due to binning it is possible to produce a traffic signal with the specific color needed to meet the standard.
  • Alta dies are currently being used and tested for different applications for different industries.
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