EARTH Friendly

High Power 4S Inc. develops products that make less of an impact on the environment and use materials that are not harmful to the Earth or its inhabitants. All products are mercury free.

Cost Savings

HP4S utilizes Alta technology to create a viable light sources that uses 70% less energy and creates 70% less heat to produce the intensity and spectrum of light our customers desire. The lower thermal properties makes for a better grow in the environment as well as with less cooling cost and longer lasting product.

  • Cooling cost
  • Hid Lamp replacement
  • Different spectrum lamps
  • Ballast
  • Electrical upgrade saving
  • Energy cost

HP4S created the HP4S-300 to give customers the ability to utilize technology that performs better than conventional lighting while saving and controlling cost factors on a manageable level making indoor growing a cost effective reality and goal to all horticulture end-users.


Product dimensions: 20”x 20” x 15”tall.
Product weight: 21 pounds
Wattage: 334
# High power chips: 3
Chip wattage: 100watt ALTA LED FULL SPECTRUM
Input voltage: 100-450Vac
Output voltage: 3.5amp
Work frequency: 50/60Hz
Amperage: 1.86-3.5amp
Light footprint: 5’x5’ area
Housing: aluminum with powder coating surface finish.
Warranty: 5 years
Operating temp:
Cord length: 15ft

Sun Spectrum Comparison HP4S

Plant Spectrum Graphs


All HP4S product are user friendly and designed with their customers in mind. Because of this, all of our lighting products are plug and play within one unit. So therefore, external ballast, long cords or electrical upgrades are not needed. Simply hang the fixture in the desired spot and plug in. The fixture is equipped with its own auto voltage regulator.

Recommended Applications

  • Indoor farming
  • Greenhouse
  • Horticulture and agriculture
  • Research
  • Commercial flower production
  • Commercial vegetable production
  • Custom Applications with full spectrum lighting
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