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HP4S (HIGH POWER SOLID STATE SUN SPECTRUM) is a lighting manufacture made in the USA and integrator of Alta LED products located in Riverside, California, established in 2013. We specialize in lighting fixtures that utilize Alta LED full spectrum high CRI power chips, within the horticulture industry. HP4S was able to develop high power fixtures that could replicate outdoor sun spectrum while being efficient and not sacrificing performance indoor LED grow fixtures. HP4S was formed by group of professionals that know their industry and test their product first hand to ensure a superior product and everlasting relationship with their customers.

Research and Development:
Riverside, CA
Mobile: 909-622-4444
Fax: 909-622-4445

Distribution Center:
1379 Ridgeway Street
Pomona CA 91768

About Us
HP4S was established in 2013 after a group of professionals were introduced to Alta Led. What started off as a day-to-day mission to create a new lighting source for the horticulture industry quickly grew into what HP4S is today.

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